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UAB “Karlotas” is a private limited company, providing body repair services: renew body geometry, restore body, damaged by corrosion, apply anticorrosive coating, prepare for painting and paint cars, restore old cars. Apart from usual body lining and painting, lining technology without paint is also applied. It is a perfect lining of body and its parts without paint and it does not damage the original production paint - this is especially important for the new cars’ owners. All offered services can be described as “qualitative and professional bodies’ repair”.The repair garage has started its activity in December 2003. At that time the company already provided services of repairing complicated strained bodies of the new models’ cars. The garage has started its activity in rented premises of 200 square meters. Creative and understanding employees and fairly completed works let the company develop and grow. Today company’s area is 1000 square meters. Many times we have proved to ourselves and the client that we can be among the best.The company has two bodies’ lining stands: Car – O – Liner Compact, as well as other Swedish, Italian and German equipment, painting camera.Experienced specialists of body repair and body painting are working in the company. Services’ implementation control is directly implemented by the certificated employee, having 30 years body repair experience.We estimate and coordinate repair expenses of transport means (“AUDATEX” computer programme, acknowledged in Europe): we estimate the value of repair works, painting works, changed parts, painting materials, evaluate the additional expenses.

Repair services

UAB “Karlotas” provides high quality body repair services for cars and minibuses during possibly short period of time. Half year guarantee is provided for the implemented works.
Atliktiems darbams suteikiama pusės metų garantija.

Renewal of body geometry

Renewal of auto body geometry is implemented with “Car – O – Liner Compact” stand. Our specialists will repair complicated strained bodies. We successfully renew the geometry of cars. We quickly repair car’s body parts after minor traffic accidents and assure quality for affordable prices.

Part’s lining without painting

Apart from usual auto body lining and painting, we also offer lining technology without paint. That is a perfect lining of auto body and its parts without painting, it does not damage the original production paints, what is especially important for the owners of new cars.

Bumper’s repair

We implement repair and painting works for car’s bumpers, spoilers, plastic parts. Repair of plastic part and car’s bumpers is being implemented using various technologies (welding, solder works, moulding of glass texture and polyester pitch, gluing and etc.)

Restoration of corrosion damaged car

If your car is damaged by corrosion (rusted), we will clean it, change necessary parts and the car will get a new look. The formed corrosion is eliminated by flush cleaning – sandblasting. Flush cleaning allows implementing the work fully by easily reaching any place of construction, which needs cleaning. Flush cleaning at the same time coarsens the surface in order to get the better paint grip with the surface.

Anticorrosive coating

Car specialists do not suggest starting exploitation of the car until additional anticorrosive coating is applied. When the car is used during winter time, corrosion starts in closed cushions, which may not be seen without special equipment. Such hidden corrosion is the most dangerous. Our specialists will make full covering of the car from inside cushions, under auto body, thresholds and arcs. Various spray anticorrosive means may be applied. The client can choose from cheaper to more expensive means, depending on the needs and recommendations.

Preparation and implementation of car painting

Preparation for painting is one of the most important stages of implementing body works. Aesthetic look of the car depends on the quality of car’s preparation for painting. That is why our specialists implement this stage very carefully. We paint cars with the highest quality paint of well-known brands. All processed surfaces are dried with infrared rays, drying camera.

Polishing of body

Polishing of auto body is needed for renewal of the body colour. The colour of the car and outside plastic parts are renewed with polishers and waxes. During the polishing process of the car, small painting defects, scratches of varnish, light transitions of paint tone, mat surface of paint are eliminated. In the case of strong scratches, abrasion-polishing of the car are implemented.

Car window’s replacement

Car windows have important functions, related to car’s comfort, safety and aesthetics. We will replace the damaged windows of the car with the new ones.

Deriname sąmatas su draudimo kompanijomis

We make the estimate of car repair and coordinate it with insurance companies.


General repair conditions


When the transport mean is accepted from the Client, repair works order is formalized (Repair Account), where works order with prices without VAT are indicated.


Vykdytojas pasilieka teisę koreguoti apmokėjimą, dėl priežasčių , kurių neįmanoma numatyti pirminiu apžiūros metu. Užsakovas pasirašydamas Remonto paskyrą sutinka su numatytais darbais ir preliminaria darbų atlikimo kaina. Užsakovas sutinka, kad nenumatytais atvejais kaina gali kisti 10% sutartos kainos. Kainai pasikeitus daugiau kaip 10% sutartos kainos, vykdytojas privalo atskirai suderinti kainą su užsakovu (telefonu, el.paštu).


Term of car’s return is discussed during the acceptance of Client’s car, considering the possibilities of the repair garage.
The Client is informed about the possible return by phone or e-mail. The Client should take his/her car as soon as possible; if the Client does not take his/her car in 2 days after the received notice, he/she receives a notice about the possible return of the car. 5 days after the notice is send, 20 LTL payment for each day till the car is returned, is charged. The company is not responsible for car’s security during the mentioned period.
When transferring the car to the Client, Acceptance Act of Implemented Works is signed, where the implemented works, used substances and parts are indicated. The Client, signing the Acceptance Act of Implemented Works, confirms that he/she has no claims for the implemented works, guarantees the payment for implemented works, used parts and substances.
When returning the car, the company informs the Client about known breakdowns. The company obligates the Client to eliminate breakdowns, which may have influence on cars safety.


If the Client has ordered repair works for the car, which experienced an accident (not depending on the type of these disputes), the company cannot be a part of any disputes between insurance company and the Client. In all cases the Client must pay the company the whole price of implemented works.


The company is responsible only for those additions, equipment, amount of fuel, that are in the car and that are indicated in the notes of Repair Account.


The Client can check the changed parts, if this is indicated in the Repair Account. These parts may be returned to him/her, except the changed standard parts or parts, changed under the guarantee.
Unreclaimed parts are destroyed after the car is returned.


One year guarantee is applied for original spare parts of the producer (new parts or parts, renewed with the supervision of producer), that are indicated in Works Transfer Act (they were equipped into the car by the representative of the company according to producer’s recommendations), when it is suitably formalized by the producer or its representative. 6 months guarantee is applied for the implemented works. Guaranties are applied since the moment of signing the invoice.
In that case, when the Client supplies spare parts or substances, Contractor is not responsible for them and no guarantee is applied. The Contractor is also not responsible if the Client was orally informed about the noticed or the Client has not noticed the defects earlier, which were suggested to be eliminated, but the Client refused and the equipped parts broke or failed because of those defects.
The determined guarantee is not applied for common depreciation, inappropriate usage or technical maintenance.


The Client pays according to VAT invoice of the Contractor, where total sum of car’s repair plus VAT are indicated.
Payment for repair works, implemented by the company, and used parts and substances, is implemented in the premises of the company, writing money acceptance document, or per 5 days after VAT invoice was issued, to the indicated UAB “Karlotas” current account.


All disputes between the Contractor and the Client are solved by negotiations or in the court of the Republicof Lithuaniaunder the law indicated order in case the agreement is not reached in 30 days.



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UAB „Karlotas“
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